SA Blackwood

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Acacia Melanoxylon

COMMON NAMES: Australian Black Acacia, Australian Blackwood, Black Wattle, Blackwood & Swarthout

The grain of SA Blackwood can be wavy, straight and in some instances interlocked. Texture is medium fine. Wider boards do tend to cup. SA Blackwood is reasonably stable in service. High crushing and bending strengths.


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Argentina, Australia, Chile, South Africa & Tanzania

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE: Grown in plantation and natural habitat.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Brown, dark brown, reddish brown to golden bronze.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: White to yellow, grey. Clearly differentiated from heartwood.

WORKING PROPERTIES: Carves, glues, sands, screws and turns relatively well. Easy to work with hand tools. Poor moulding and planing results especially if interlocked grain is present. Polishes and stains with good results.


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