Rhodesian Teak

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Baikiaea Plurijuga

COMMON NAME: Rhodesian Teak

The grain of Rhodesian Teak is interlocked to straight and texture fine. Teak is naturally durable and resistant to termite attack. High resin content makes this timber most suitable to heavy duty flooring applications. Movement in service is considered small and stable.


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Angola, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia & Zimbabwe

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE: Generally widespread, secure and abundant within most of its range.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Reddish brown, brown, red with irregular dark brown or black flecks.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: White to yellow, pinkish light brown to grey. Clearly distinct from heartwood.

WORKING PROPERTIES: Generally finishing qualities are good. Glues, moulds, planes and turns well. Paints, polishes and stains with good results.


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