Panga Panga

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Millettia Stuhlmannii

COMMON NAMES: Panga Panga, Jambire, Partridge Wood & Wenge.

The wood of Panga Panga has a characteristic partridge feathered figure. Texture is fine. Abundant small dark yellow gum pockets are present. Excellent stability in service and highly resistant to abrasion (good for flooring).


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania & Zimbabwe

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE: Believed to be abundant and secure but status has not been officially assessed.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Brown, dark brown, black to chocolate. Alternating bands of light and dark tissue.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: White to yellow to light brown. Distinct from heartwood.

WORKING PROPERTIES: Easy to bore, carve, saw, nail, screw, mould, plane and turn. Gluing may require some surface treatment. Works well with hand tools. Excellent painting, polishing and staining finishes.


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