SCIENTIFIC NAME: Intsia Palembanica


The grain of Merbau is interlocked and figured. Texture coarse. Wood contains dark brown resin that will leach when in contact with water. Extremely durable hardwood with good resistance to borer and termite attack. High crushing strength. Good stability in service. Does not bend well as a result of oil exudations.


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Burma, Indonesia & Malaysia

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE: Vulnerable. Widely distributed throughout Malaysia and Indonesia although the resource is not large, and worldwide demand high.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Brown, red-brown to dark brown. Vessels can be filled with a yellowish/ white deposit.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: White to yellow, clearly defined from heartwood.

WORKING PROPERTIES: Bores, carves, glues, moulds, planes, sands and screws with good results. Pre-bore for nailing. Works well with hand tools. Painting and polishing finishes are good.


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