SCIENTIFIC NAME: Pterocarpus Angolensis

COMMON NAMES: Kiaat, Bloodwood, Imbilo, Mbila, Mukwa & Umbila

Kiaat grain can often be wavy and mottled, very attractive, irregular and interlocked. Sapwood is clearly distinct and prevalent even in highest grades. Kiaat is very stable in service.


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Angola, Botswana, Mozambique, Namibia, Zambia & Zimbabwe.

DISTRIBUTION OVERVIEW: The species occurs widely throughout South-Central Africa, and is commonly found in Savannah Woodland.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Brown, dark brown, golden brown, purple, red. Dark streak irregularly spaced.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: White to yellow, clearly distinct.

WORKING PROPERTIES: General finishing is rated as excellent. Easily worked with hand tools. Carves, glues, moulds, planes, nails, screws and turns with ease. Paints, polishes and stains well.


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