European Beech

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Fagus Sylvatica

COMMON NAMES: Unsteamed Beech & European White Beech

European Beech has a fine and highly lustrous, grain straight with conspicuously flecked rays on longitudinal surface. Beech is fairly hard and moderately heavy with high crushing strength. Best known and most useful commercial timber. Requires careful and proper seasoning before application to prevent movement in service.


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Yugoslavia

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE: Generally secure within its natural habitat.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Pale yellow, white to light brown.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: Not distinct from heartwood.

WORKING PROPERTIES: General finishing qualities are rated as good. Machines well, bores, carves, glues, turns, moulds and planes easily. Pre-boring for nailing and screwing recommended. Seasoned wood difficult to work with hand tools. Steam bends into small radii, useful for furniture industry. Excellent polishing and staining ability.


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