Massaranduba Decking

SCIENTIFIC NAME: Manilkara Bidentata

TRADE NAME: Massaranduba, Macaranduba & Bulletwood.

The grain of Massaranduba may be straight or interlocked in sections. Texture is fine. The timber is naturally durable and experiences very little movement in service. Massaranduba is extremely dense, with very high crushing and bending strength properties.


COUNTRIES OF DISTRIBUTION: Brasil, Columbia, Mexico & Venezuela.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROFILE: Widely distributed throughout Central America, and northern South America; occurs in many forest stands.

HEARTWOOD COLOUR: Heartwood varies from reddish brown to a dark brown, plum in colour.

SAPWOOD COLOUR: White to yellow and sometimes not distinct from heartwood.

WORKING PROPERTIES: Bores, planes, moulds, carves and screws easily. May be difficult to cut and sand. Does not glue well.


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